Recruitment & Selection

Finding new staff can be very time consuming and costly, especially for small business. Currently, a typical recruitment fee may range from 10% to 15% of a role salary. Assuming an approximate average salary in West Australia of $90,496 per year, that trasnlates to a hefty recruitment fee of between $9,496 and $13,642. If you decide to do it yourself, you’re looking at cost of advertising, reviewing applicants, interviews, as well as the indirect costs of lost productivity, throughout the hiring process, and whilst you wait for the successful applicants notice period to transpire (if they are currently employed). Avergae hire times in Australia are around 68 days, so depending on the role in question, it could costs up to tens of thousands of dollars. Not with Clientl…

Clientl offer a simple fee structure that is considerably more affordable – never more than 10%. What’s more, we only consider the base salary (no super, overtime, allowances, work vehicle or other non-cash benefits included in the calculation). You’ll be presented with a minimum of three candidates to choose from, and if we haven’t made an offer on your behalf within 28 days, we’ll credit your account for your next hire project.

Recruitment Packages

Unlike agencies, we can work with you, shoulder to shoulder through every stage including interviews, candidate testing, offers and negotiation, right up to work day one…and beyond (see our other HR support services also).