After more than two decades in financial and corporate management working for a handful of fantastic West Australian companies, I decided to establish my own business contracting/consulting service.
Over the years I have enjoyed roles with varied responsibilities and accountability. I enjoy working in all areas of the business rather than focusing on just one aspect. I have found that this allows me to have a more comprehensive and holistic understanding of operations, meaning I can provide the most effective business support services.
I’ve loved every company I’ve worked for, preferring small to medium enterprise with close working team environments and a clear common mission. I’m excited about bringing that philosophy to my future clients, building a relationship where they come to rely on me.
Often SME’s require expert business support but the availability of resources, overheads associated with full time staff, time, regulatory impositions and rapid growth often means that it can be hard to come by and/or afford.
The variation in my past roles means that I have a diverse range of skills, but I also have a network of resources that I can call upon if specialist help is needed that I can not provide.

– Brock Deighton, Clientl