The National Transport Commission has released its issue paper ‘Developing technology-neutral road rules for driver distraction’. Driver distraction is a significant road safety risk, but it lacks research and is not as well understood as drink driving and speeding. In 2017, a study in Western Australia discovered that 17% of road fatalities were attributable to lack of driver attention.

Technology moves fast, but laws do not. The current road rules focus on very specific devices, as opposed to their various functions. Accordingly, they also often fail to distinguish between how modern devices can both aid driving AND erode attention. The limited definition and contemplation of technology is part of the problem.

When the laws and national safety guidelines are out of date, it can be a challenge to ensure your workers are educated and aware of their responsibiltiies and the risks. Clientl can help to make things clearer with driving risk assessments, procedural development and workplace training. Give us a call today to chat about how we work together to keep your people safe on the road.

If you’d like to read the issue paper, you can find it here. Check out page 2 for details on how to make a submission.